The Adventure Coin “Down Under” Competition, WEEK 4

Welcome to the WEEK 4 Brog for…. The Adventure Coin “Down Under” Competition!       This week’s Brog is bitter-sweet for me. Sweet, as I am one week closer to sharing The Adventure Series with one of you wonderful readers. Bitter, as this week one of my favourite humans has passed away. Leonard Nimoy.   So… Read more »

The Adventure Coin “Down Under” Competition, WEEK 3

Announcing…. The Adventure Coin “Down Under” Competition! WEEK 3 Brog!       Welcome back intrepid adventurers, seekers of cool things, and those who like a challenge!   A quick reminder of where we are at!……(I’d hardly call anything you have typed….Quick)   ….Welcome back, Sir Christopher Lee (CBE CStJ)….a.k.a belligerent, hallucination (much cheaper than the real… Read more »

The Adventure Coin “Down Under” Competition, WEEK 2

Welcome back, to…. The Adventure Coin “Down Under” Competition! As we now enter WEEK 2 of the Competition, it is fitting that I make a page for…. WEEK 2….       Though not nearly as long as WEEK 1’s Brog (Thank Goodness….)….ah, I see you’re still here Sir Christopher Lee (CBE CStJ),   (Yes, Morse the… Read more »

Australian Exclusive Adventure Series Offer

Greetings! Avid reader, prepare thyself…. Do you seek a challenge? Do you enjoy puzzles, codes, and ciphers? Have you ever tried to crack a combination lock? Oh…you have?…well how about one that comes with encrypted instructions? (as in they require decryption before you can make sense of them, and are a puzzle unto themselves!). If you… Read more »

Captain’s Brog: Stardate 92703.17 “That’s no Moon….It’s An ORB ADVENTURE PUZZLE”

Greetings all!   This Brog has been written as an introduction of sorts….to? you may ask?   The Adventure Puzzle Series….        PUZZLES? you may be puzzling….Puzzles?? What? like a Jigsaw, or a crossword?   (Gentle Laugh) No, no my good reader, puzzles the like of which I, and perhaps (dare I to presume)… Read more »

The Adventure Coin “Down Under” Competition OFFICIAL Brog

Welcome…. To The OFFICIAL ADVENTURE COIN “Down Under” Competition Brog.   This Brog will be used to commence, coordinate, and chauffeur the Competition. Additionally, watching this and other spaces will be crucial to participating in and winning the competition….       The Stage is Set: (Queue theme music: Aquarium – Camille Saint-Saëns) an ADVENTURE COIN, is somewhere in Brisbane (QLD,… Read more »

Feast your iballs on…..The iball4

00101100001110110000….. Why are you looking at me like that for? You don’t speak binary code? *ugh*…*through gritted teeth*..aaallrriiight… Th1s d1gital d0cument, 1s t0 d1gita11y d0cument….  The iball4       In league with its brothers from an epoch…other,   Iball4 is here to represent the Digital age   This brain training rondure will lengthen logistics,… Read more »

Captain’s Brog: Stardate 92654.08 “Onwards!…to the Beginning” pt.2 aka “Return of the Red-eye” (a.a.k.a My introduction to The ORB Adventure Puzzle)

The day of new things continues!…the day after the day in a question (which is ok, as it’s fresh in my memory a.k.a. emails). When last you read, John Hurt (didn’t forget did you?) had left you with a rather depressing mental image, let’s remember together…….*queue flashback music (harp ought to do it)*…. A Darkened Room,… Read more »

Captain’s Brog: Stardate 47634.44 “The Beginning” pt. 1 (a.k.a. My introduction to The ORB Adventure Puzzle)

“Well,  this is a day of new things. Number two: making this Brog (Brog: def. :A blog written by Brock). Why start with number two you ask? A Lucas moment? The episode of Red Dwarf where they go to the planet earth where EVERYTHING goes backwards?? No,  it’s simply because number two had to come first… Read more »

The Captain’s Brog: Inaugural 92681.07

Captain’s Brog: Inaugural “RIVER THAMES, Friday, May 27th. Moderate and fair weather; at 11 a.m. hoisted the Pendant, and took charge of the Ship, agreeable to my Commission of the 25th instant, she lying in the Bason in Deptford Yard…..” Excerpt from Captain Cook’s Journal H.M. BARK “Endeavour”,1768-71.     I, as a 21st Century… Read more »